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Association Rules Mining is an important branch of Data Mining Technology, of which Apriori Algorithm is the most influential and classic one. After discussing and analyzing the basic concept of Association Rules Mining, this paper proposes an improved algorithm based on a combination of Data Division and Dynamic Item sets Counting. Analysis of the improved(More)
With the research and development of chess robot and machine vision, chess robot with visual function has recently received an increasing interest in the community. This paper introduces the chess system of dual-robot coordination based on vision and the process of visual system structure, gives the coordinates translation from computer and image(More)
Great progress has been made in basic features of the potential energy landscape (PEL) theoretically. The present work, however, attempts to cast new light on it from experimental aspects. By a survey of experimental data related to thermodynamics or dynamics of metallic glass-forming liquids, it is found that the increased rate of excitation of vibrational(More)
Robot soccer game is a standard platform for Multi-agent System (MAS) research. The object of the paper is to study the cooperation mechanism of MAS in robot soccer games. In order to enhance coordination performance of the role execution subsystem, the paper studied the robot soccer decision-making system based on the dynamic role transition algorithm, and(More)
Agent oriented software development is new research area in the field of software engineering. It is a promising approach for developing applications in complex domain. In recent years, multiple agent-oriented methodologies were introduced. However, it is difficult to select a methodology for a specific project, and their application is still limited due to(More)
This paper introduces the definition and characteristics of vertical search engine briefly, designs an application model of vertical search engine to improve the efficiency for users' searches and describes the algorithm of the key module of the model in detail. The experiment, using the advanced algorithm to compare the traditional search engine and(More)
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