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Image fusion can be performed at different levels: pixel, feature and decision-making levels. Pixel level image fusion refers to the processing and synergistic combination of information gathered by various imaging sources to provide a better understanding of a scene. The pixel level image fusion is the direct fusion in the original data layer, so the(More)
Image fusion algorithm based on contrast pyramid was used to improve the quality of image. Contrast Pyramid algorithm is to decompose image to a series of decomposition layers which have different resolution and different spatial frequency. Each decomposition level reflects the contrast information of the image of the corresponding spatial frequency. The(More)
The edge detection algorithm is the key problem of image processing. The tradition Canny edge detection algorithm is analyzed and evaluated. In order to avoid the influence of defects coming from Canny algorithm, an improved Canny edge detection algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm takes use of Gaussian filter to eliminate the noise. It(More)
For textual entailment recognition systems, it is often important to correctly handle Generalized quantifiers (GQ). In this paper, we explore ways of encoding GQs in a recent framework of Dependency-based Compositional Semantics, especially aiming to correctly handle linguistic knowledge like hyponymy when GQs are involved. We use both the selection(More)
Image fusion algorithm based on wavelet transform was proposed in this paper to improve quality of image and meet the needs of applications of vision. Because of the high frequency component and low frequency component representing different information of an image, two or more images to be fused should be firstly decomposed into sub-images with different(More)
Object detection is a computerized technology related to image processing used in images and videos, to identify instances of real world object. Object detection is usually achieved by edge detection. Edge detection is a process to identify the edges of image by finding the place where intensity changes rapidly. In this experiment an attempt is made to(More)
The CH4 emissions from soil were influenced by the changeable CH4 concentrations and diffusions in soil profiles, but that have been subjected to nitrogen (N) and biochar amendment over seasonal and annual time frames. Accordingly, a two-year field experiment was conducted in southeastern China to determine the amendment effects on CH4 concentrations and(More)
Image fusion algorithm is of importance in image processing. Image fusion algorithm based on multi-scale decomposition was reviewed in this paper. Multi-scale decomposition algorithm mainly includes wavelet transform and pyramid transform. The two fusion algorithm were respectively applied in multi-focus images, multi-modality images and color images with(More)
  • Yubing Dong
  • The 2nd International Conference on Information…
  • 2010
An improved related tracing algorithm was advanced to resolve trace problem of dynamic target with complex background. Related tracing algorithm introduced in this paper conquers shortcomings of large amount of calculation, poor timing and low identification precision. firstly, predicting location of targets, and then utilizing improved relating algorithm(More)
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