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In [19] Huang gave a characterization of local tournaments. His characterization involves arc-reversals and therefore may not be easily used to solve other structural problems on locally semicomplete digraphs (where one deals with a fixed locally semicomplete digraph). In this paper we derive a classification of locally semicomplete digraphs which is very(More)
A digraph is locally semicomplete if for every vertex x, the set of in-neighbors as well as the set of out-neighbors of x induce semicomplete digraphs. Let D be a k-connected locally semicomplete digraph with k ≥ 3 and g denote the length of a longest induced cycle of D. It is shown that if D has at least 7(k − 1)g vertices, then D has a factor composed of(More)
An edge-colored graph H is properly colored if no two adjacent edges of H have the same color. In 1997, J. Bang-Jensen and G. Gutin conjectured that an edge-colored complete graph G has a properly colored Hamilton path if and only if G has a spanning subgraph consisting of a properly colored path C 0 and a (possibly empty) collection of properly colored(More)