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In [19] Huang gave a characterization of local tournaments. His characterization involves arc-reversals and therefore may not be easily used to solve other structural problems on locally semicomplete digraphs (where one deals with a fixed locally semicomplete digraph). In this paper we derive a classification of locally semicomplete digraphs which is very(More)
Thomassen (J. Combin. Theory Ser. B 28, 1980, 142–163) proved that every strong tournament contains a vertex x such that each arc going out from x is contained in a Hamiltonian cycle. In this paper, we extend the result of Thomassen and prove that a strong tournament contains a vertex x such that every arc going out from x is pancyclic, and our proof yields(More)
In 2] the following extension of Meyniels theorem was conjectured: If D is a digraph on n vertices with the property that d(x) + d(y) 2n ? 1 for every pair of non-adjacent vertices x; y with a common out-neighbour or a common in-neighbour, then D is Hamiltonian. We verify the conjecture in the special case where we also require that minfd + (x)+d ? (y); d ?(More)