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Wireless technologies and vehicle-mounted or wearable medical sensors are pervasive to support ubiquitous healthcare applications. However, a critical issue of using wireless communications under a healthcare scenario rests at the electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by radio frequency transmission. A high level of EMI may lead to a critical(More)
This paper studies two online scheduling problems on parallel machines that process computing jobs arriving stochastically in a batch pattern. With the objective function as minimizing total completion time of weighted jobs or minimizing total latency of job completion, we propose two solutions for above scheduling problems, respectively. With the(More)
In this paper, a novel application research on memristor is studied, and memristor-based chaotic circuit for text, image encryption and decryption is presented. In light of memristor characteristic, nonlinear circuit and chaotic cryptography, a new cryptosystem model of memristor-based chaotic circuit is designed. Then, text, image encryption and decryption(More)
Corresponding to the storing and fast searching needs of an extra-large scale of energy monitoring and statistics data, we propose a multi-level-indexed distributed hash table (mDHT) algorithm and complete a MapReduce implementation of the algorithm on the open-standard HDFS/Hbase platform. Such an approach uses a columnar storage structure for energy(More)
Due to the dynamic characteristic of nodes in the Grid environment, the state of nodes need be efficiently monitored. Grid node organization, deployment, configuration and management problems of Grid monitoring system are the closely-related. Benefiting from self-management and self-configuration thinking of Autonomic Computing, the node self-organization(More)
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