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Edge-exposed MoS2 nano-assembled structures are designed for high hydrogen evolution reaction activity and long term stability. The number of sulfur edge sites of nano-assembled spheres and sheets is confirmed by Raman spectroscopy and EXAFS analysis. By controlling the MoS2 morphology with the formation of nano-assembled spheres with the assembly of(More)
A simple and scalable process was developed for the synthesis of highly crystalline magnetite nanocrystals embedded in a carbon matrix using low cost starting materials; the resulting nanocomposite showed a very high specific capacity of 863 mA hg(-1) in the initial cycle and high capacity retention of 90% after 30 cycles.
We introduce a simple process to synthesize few-layered MoS(2) nanosheets supported on coaxial carbon nanotubes through an L-cysteine-assisted hydrothermal route, in which L-cysteine, a cheap and ordinary amino acid, plays a fundamental role in controlling the morphology of the hybrid material and the binder to help the growth of MoS(2) nanosheets on the(More)
Solvothermal processes are considered efficient approaches for the gram-scale production of graphene. Further modification of graphene by chemical doping is an important approach to tailor its properties. In this work, we successfully synthesized sulfur-doped graphene by using a solvothermal method with dimethyl sulfoxide as a precursor, which is a common(More)
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