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Aliphatic alcohols naturally exist in many organisms as important cellular components; however, their roles in extracellular polymer biosynthesis are poorly defined. We report here the isolation and characterization of a rice (Oryza sativa) male-sterile mutant, defective pollen wall (dpw), which displays defective anther development and degenerated pollen(More)
The design and performance of an novel edge-fed microstrip array antenna are introduced, which generates sum and difference far field patterns for monopulse tracking. Each microstrip line array is fed at the edge side with the middle of the row shorted. A compact slot patch antenna element loaded with a pair of spirals is proposed, which is 40% smaller than(More)
Jing Shi,a,b,1 Hexin Tan,a,1 Xiao-Hong Yu,c,1 Yuanyun Liu,a,d,1 Wanqi Liang,a Kosala Ranathunge,e Rochus Benni Franke,e Lukas Schreiber,e Yujiong Wang,b Guoying Kai,d John Shanklin,c Hong Ma,f,g and Dabing Zhanga,2 a Institute of Plant Science, School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China b College of Life(More)
Frequency selective surface (FSS) is periodically patterned metal patches or complementary apertures etched on metal sheet, which spatially filters the incident electromagnetic waves. Recently, vast research interest has been drawn to the reconfigurability of FSS, where lumped elements are integrated to dynamically control the bandpass/bandstop response.(More)
A method for modeling and designing of coupled resonators photonic crystal (PC) filters for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems is presented. This proposed method is based on coupling coefficients of intercoupled resonators and the external quality factors of the input and output resonators based on the circuit approach. A general formulation for(More)
A novel design of monopulse microstrip radiator array with side feed network has been introduced in this paper. The simulated and measured radiation patterns at center frequency are both presented. The -18dB side-lobe level for the sum pattern and -28dB null depth for the difference pattern have achieved in the experiment at center frequency.
In order to meet wide angle scanning requirements of the satellite antenna, a side-fed parabolic torus reflector antenna is designed in this paper. The ellipsoid is adopted as sub-reflector with the purpose of reduction the mechanical equipments. The sub-reflector is rotated in azimuth to scan the antenna beam in the direction (±20°) for wide(More)
Boresight error (BSE) is an important parameter in evaluating radome electrical property. In this paper, a radome BSE measurement system based on null-seeking method is represented, which can track radome electrical axis adaptively. In this system, transmitting antenna can be controlled to move horizontally, while the system can track the axial shift of(More)
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