Yuanyuan Zong

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Recently, BACE1 expression was shown to be regulated by microRNAs, small endogenous RNA molecules that regulate protein expression through sequence-specific interaction with messenger RNA. Here, we showed that microRNA-29c (miR-29c), a miRNA that is enriched in the brain and highly expressed in the APPswe/PSΔE9 mouse lowers BACE1 protein in vitro and in(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are abundantly expressed in the brain and play an important role in disorders of the brain, including Alzheimer's diseases (AD). Growing body of evidence suggests that the TGF-β signaling pathway plays a key role in the pathogenesis of AD. However, it is unclear whether miRNAs involved in AD pathogenesis by regulating TGF-β signaling.(More)
Botrytis cinerea causes gray mold rot on over 200 plant species worldwide, resulting in great economic loss every year. Cooperation of proteins secreted by B. cinerea plays an important role in its successful infection to host plants. The ambient pH, as one of the most important environmental parameters, can regulate expression of secreted proteins in(More)
The microRNA-29 family (miRNA-29s) has three mature members, miR-29a, miR-29b and miR-29c, which have been implicated in the regulation of the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The miR-29 family members exhibit differential regulation in various diseases and different subcellular distribution. In the present study, we initially investigated(More)
PURPOSE Liver metastasis is one of the leading causes of death in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. The present study aimed to evaluate the value of eIF4E as a prognostic marker of colorectal liver metastasis (CLM) and identify the functional role of eIF4E in CRC metastasis. PATIENTS AND METHODS The expression level of eIF4E in CRC tissues was analyzed by(More)
In previous studies of hand, foot, and mouth disease patients fatally infected with enterovirus 71 (EV71), the distribution of viral protein, but not the genome, was determined. To understand the pathogenesis of EV71, however, it is important to investigate the spread of the viral genome. There have been no pathological studies of in situ EV71 viral RNA in(More)
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