Yuanyuan Zhang

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In the past five years there has been a dramatic increase in work on Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE), an approach to Software Engineering (SE) in which Search-Based Optimization (SBO) algorithms are used to address problems in SE. SBSE has been applied to problems throughout the SE lifecycle, from requirements and project planning to maintenance(More)
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In the past five years there has been a dramatic increase in work on Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE), an approach to software engineering in which search based optimisation algorithms are used to address problems in Software Engineering. SBSE has been applied to problems throughout the Software Engineering lifecycle, from requirements and project(More)
This paper introduces app store mining and analysis as a form of software repository mining. Unlike other software repositories traditionally used in MSR work, app stores usually do not provide source code. However, they do provide a wealth of other information in the form of pricing and customer reviews. Therefore, we use data mining to extract feature(More)
This paper presents a survey of work on Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) for Software Product Lines (SPLs). We have attempted to be comprehensive, in the sense that we have sought to include all papers that apply computational search techniques to problems in software product line engineering. Having surveyed the recent explosion in SBSE for SPL(More)
One of the first issues which has to be taken into account by software companies is to determine what should be included in the next release of their products, in such a way that the highest possible number of customers get satisfied while this entails a minimum cost for the company. This problem is known as the Next Release Problem (NRP). Since minimizing(More)
A good running time prediction of tasks is very helpful and important for job scheduling and resource management in grid systems. In this paper, we present a running time prediction method for grid tasks based on our previous work, which is a novel CPU load prediction method. In order to eliminate the interference of other factors, such as memory accessing,(More)
Search Based Software Testing (SBST) formulates testing as an optimisation problem, which can be attacked using computational search techniques from the field of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE). We present an analysis of the SBST research agenda, focusing on the open problems and challenges of testing non-functional properties, in particular a(More)
The relationship between RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) values and distance is the foundation and the key of ranging and positioning technologies in wireless sensor networks. Log-normal shadowing model (LNSM), as a more general signal propagation model, can better describe the relationship between the RSSI value and distance, but the parameter(More)