Yuanyuan Yao

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The performance of large-scale cognitive radio (CR) networks with secondary users sustained by opportunistically harvesting radio-frequency (RF) energy from nearby primary transmissions is investigated. Using an advanced RF energy harvester, a secondary user is assumed to be able to collect ambient primary RF energy as long as it lies inside the harvesting(More)
Species of genus Tripterygium (Celastraceae) have attracted much attention owing to their excellent effect on treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. However, due to high market demand causing overexploitation, natural populations of genus Tripterygium have rapidly declined. Tripterygium medicinal materials are mainly collected from the wild, making(More)
RATIONALE Testing the urine nonpolar sulfateome can enable discovery of xenobiotics that are most likely to be bioactive. This is based on the fact that nonpolar xenobiotics are more likely to enter cells where they tend to undergo metabolism, in part, to sulfates that are then largely excreted into the urine. METHODS The following sequence of steps, with(More)
N-(2-(Bromomethyl)benzyl)-N,N-diethylethanaminium bromide, that we designate as CAX-B (cationic xylyl-bromide), is presented as a derivatization reagent for increasing sensitivity in mass spectrometry. Because of its aryl bromomethyl moiety, CAX-B readily labels compounds having an active hydrogen. In part, a CAX-tagged analyte (CAX-analyte) can be very(More)
RATIONALE A method was needed to accomplish solid phase extraction of a large urine volume in a convenient way where resources are limited, towards a goal of metabolome and xenobiotic exposome analysis at another, distant location. METHODS A porous extraction paddle (PEP) was set up, comprising a porous nylon bag containing extraction particles that is(More)
RATIONALE Phenols are an important class of analytes, for example as bioactive environmental contaminants. Towards a goal of improving their detection by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) or MALDI-tandem time-of-flight (TOF/TOF)-MS, we studied their derivatization with 2-sulfobenzoic anhydride (SBA).(More)