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High-throughput profiling and analysis of antibiotic resistance genes in East Tiaoxi River, China.
Comparing to environmental background, promotion of ARGs and marked shift of bacterial community were observed in country and urban city areas, indicating that human activities may lead to the spread of ARG. Expand
High-throughput profiling of seasonal variations of antibiotic resistance gene transport in a peri-urban river.
Seasonal and geographical variations in ARGs distribution in peri-urban river and the transport of bacterial communities were observed and mobile genetic elements showed significant positive correlation with ARGs and MGEs were also identified as the key-contributing factor driving ARG alteration. Expand
A Knowledge-Based System for Disaster Emergency Relief
The need for emergency relief is becoming more important with the increase of the frequency and scale of humanitarian emergencies resulting from more nat... Expand
[Analysis on the prevalence of malnutrition and affected factors of rural poor infants under 2 years old in Guangxi Province in 2008].
The non-conditional multifactor logistic regression model indicates that the age of infants, the caregivers and the time of their mothers working outside were the associated risk factors of growth retardation and under weight of the babies. Expand
Forensic characteristics and population genetics of Chinese Kazakh ethnic minority with an efficient STR panel
These 22 STR loci evenly distributed on 22 different autosomal chromosomes were characterized by high genetic diversities and therefore could be utilized in the forensic cases to further increase the discrimination performance. Expand
Study and Application of Classification Method in SSG-30
The analysis process and results indicate that this method can be used in the specific design through appropriate adjustment and is chosen as an example to apply this method. Expand
Youth and Violent Extremism*
Violent extremism on the African continent claimed the lives of over 30,000 people between 2011 and 2016, injuring countless others and displacing millions of people (Slachmuijlder, 2017). WhileExpand