Yuanyuan Peng

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Pulmonary fissures are important landmarks for recognition of lung anatomy. In CT images, automatic detection of fissures is complicated by factors like intensity variability, pathological deformation and imaging noise. To circumvent this problem, we propose a derivative of stick (DoS) filter for fissure enhancement and a post-processing pipeline for(More)
PURPOSE To elucidate the molecular genetic defect of X-linked congenital nystagmus in a Chinese family. METHODS Genomic DNA was prepared from peripheral blood. We used allele-sharing analysis to identify the possible locus harboring the disease-causing gene. We screened for mutations in the G protein-coupled receptor 143 gene (GPR143) by direct sequencing(More)
Narrowband pulse can be seen as singularity when it is adopted to transmit Direct Sequence Ultra-Wide Band (DS-UWB) signals. The remarkable property of wavelet transform is that it has ability to characterize the singularities of signals. In the UWB system there are different propagation characteristics for the modulus maxima of signal and noise with the(More)
Temperature compensation is a notable property of circadian oscillators that indicates the insensitivity of the oscillator system’s period to temperature changes; the underlying mechanism, however, is still unclear. We investigated the influence of protein dimerization and cooperative stability in protein degradation on the temperature compensation ability(More)
The method of controlled Lagrangians for discrete mechanical systems is extended to the problem of stabilization of the rotations of a spacecraft with a symmetric rotor. In particular, stabilization about its intermediate axis of inertia is considered. The Moser–Veselov discretization is used to obtain the discrete dynamics of the system. Stabilization(More)
Herein, we report the self-assembly of a mono terpyridine-based building block modified with long alkyl chains, which gives rise to vesicular aggregates in aqueous media. The vesicles are responsive to transition metal ions, and form different kinds of aggregates after metal-ligand coordination. In particular, Ni(ii) shows a unique influence on(More)
We investigated theoretically and numerically the optical pulling and pushing forces acting on silicon (Si) nanospheres (NSs) with strong coherent interaction between electric and magnetic resonances. We examined the optical pulling and pushing forces exerted on Si NSs by two interfering waves and revealed the underlying physical mechanism from the(More)
OBJECTIVE To screen for mutations of deafness-related genes among ethic Chinese women of child-bearing age. METHODS In 324 women, 9 mutational sites in 4 deafness-related genes (SLC26A4, GJB3, GJB2 and mtDNA 12s rRNA) were screened using a gene chip. RESULTS Twenty women (6.17%) have carried mutations. These included 11 (3.40%) carrying a GJB2 gene(More)
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