Yuanyuan Jiang

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Excessive mechanical loads on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause mandibular cartilage degradation and subchondral bone erosion, but the treatment of these conditions remains challenging. Salubrinal, which target eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 alpha, has been shown to have multiple beneficial effects on skeletal tissue. Here, we examined(More)
Plants respond to low oxygen stress, particularly that caused by waterlogging, by altering transcription and translation. Previous studies have mostly focused on revealing the mechanism of the response at the early stage, and there is limited information about the transcriptional profile of genes in maize roots at the late stage of waterlogging. The genetic(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are critical post-transcriptional modulators of gene expression involving in plant responses to abiotic stress. However, the regulation of miRNA in the morphological response to waterlogging is poorly understood in maize. In this study, we detected miRNAs and their targets that expressed in waterlogged crown roots of maize seedlings in(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The prevalence and control of asthma in all ages are seldom known in Jinan, China. This study aims to determine the prevalence, related factors and control of asthma in populations of all ages in Jinan, China. METHODS A cross-sectional epidemiological questionnaire survey was performed with all members from approximately 4500(More)
Malaria parasites are unicellular organisms residing inside the red blood cells, and current methods for editing the parasite genes have been inefficient. The CRISPR/Cas9 (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats and Cas9 endonuclease-mediated genome editing) system is a new powerful technique for genome editing and has been widely employed(More)
BACKGROUND In animals, prolyl 4-hydroxylases (P4Hs) are regarded as oxygen sensors under hypoxia stress, but little is known about their role in the response to waterlogging in maize. METHODS A comprehensive genome-wide analysis of P4H genes of maize (zmP4H genes) was carried out, including gene structures, phylogeny, protein motifs, chromosomal locations(More)
Airway mucus overproduction is a distinguishing feature of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). LL-37 is the only member of human cathelicidins family of antimicrobial peptides and plays a central role in many immune and inflammatory reactions. Increasing evidence suggests the involvement of LL-37 in the pathogenesis of COPD. Here, we investigated(More)
A novel design solution of a dual-linearly-polarised Ku-band low-profile radiating element for low elevation angle coverage (down to 10° above horizon) is presented. Such an element is suitable for full-duplex Satellite Communications On-The-Move (SCOTM) hybrid scanned phased array antenna applications. Standard-designed radiating elements for array(More)