Yuanyuan Jiang

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—In this paper, we analyze an improved DOG filter with different parameters in horizontal and vertical directions and the improved filter uses oval recognition domain instead of round recognition domain of classic DOG filter. The improved filter is used to compare with major illumination pretreatment methods. The experiment result shows the improved method(More)
This study considers accounting in the new information economy. The basic framework of accounting for firms reflects a set of contracts and it helps define, implement and enforce these contracts. This framework is stable, and unlikely to change soon. However, the new information technology has been transforming the markets in which firms operate, and(More)
We report detailed investigations of the photoluminescence (PL) generated from an individual gold nanoflower, a highly branched plasmonic nanoparticle. Compared to nanostructures with simple shapes, such as spheres, nanorods, and bipyramids, nanoflowers exhibit more distinct features, i.e., the PL spectra and far-field emission patterns are strongly(More)
In the work, we mainly used molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and protein structure network (PSN) to study subtilisin Carlsberg (SC) immobilized onto carbon nanotube (CNT) in water, acetonitrile and heptane solvents, in order to explore activation mechanism of enzymes in non-aqueous media. The result indicates that the affinity of SC with CNT follows the(More)
We investigated how people jointly coordinate their decisions and actions with a computer-generated character (agent) in a large-screen virtual environment. The task for participants was to physically cross a steady stream of traffic on a virtual road without getting hit by a car. Participants performed this task with another person or with a(More)
This paper presents an experiment conducted in a large-screen immersive virtual environment to evaluate how texting pedestrians respond to permissive traffic alerts delivered via their cell phone. We developed a cell phone app that delivered information to texting pedestrians about when traffic conditions permit safe crossing. We compared gap selection and(More)
There is growing interest in genetically expressed reporters for in vivo studies of bacterial colonization in the context of infectious disease research, studies of the bacterial microbiome or cancer imaging and treatment. To empower non-invasive high-resolution bacterial tracking with deep tissue penetration, we herein use the genetically controlled(More)