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The total atmospheric water vapor content (TAWV) and land surfacetemperature (LST) play important roles in meteorology, hydrology, ecology and some otherdisciplines. In this paper, the ENVISAT/AATSR (The Advanced Along-Track ScanningRadiometer) thermal data are used to estimate the TAWV and LST over the Loess Plateauin China by using a practical split(More)
We present direct evidence for the highly flattened and curved cross section of MCs resulting from the interaction with the ambient solar wind. Lower limits of the transverse size are obtained for three MCs passing ACE and Ulysses successively from the latitudinal separation between the two spacecraft, ranging from 40 to 70 •. The cross-section aspect ratio(More)
According to the basic principle of the wear, analysis of the wear instance of the gear is present in this paper. The equation of the main factors influencing the wear of the tooth profile, such as relative sliding coefficient and contact compressive stress are established. Simulation is present with numerical method, the changing laws of relative sliding(More)
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