Yuanyan Tang

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Sparse coding represents a signal sparsely by using an overcomplete dictionary, and obtains promising performance in practical computer vision applications, especially for signal restoration tasks such as image denoising and image inpainting. In recent years, many discriminative sparse coding algorithms have been developed for classification problems, but(More)
This paper presents a computational framework for saliency maps. It employs the Earth Mover's Distance based on weighted-Histogram (EMD-wH) to measure the center-surround difference, instead of the Difference-of-Gaussian (DoG) filter used by traditional models. In addition, the model employs not only the traditional features such as colors, intensity and(More)
—Recent wavelet research has primarily focused on real-valued wavelet bases. However, the complex filterbanks provide much convenience for complex signal processing. For example, in radar and sonar signal processing, the complex signals from the receiver can be efficiently processed with complex filterbanks rather than real filterbanks. Specifically, the(More)