Yuanxu Duan

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Classification of real-world rough surface textures has been an active research topic during the past twenty years. The reason is that changing illumination directions can dramatically affect the appearances of images of these rough surfaces. In this paper, we introduce a simple texture classification method based on support vector machines (SVM) and(More)
Although recognition of vehicle license plate is well studied, characters can be obscured by color stains due to rust, mud, peeling paint or fading colors and become unrecognizable. In this paper, two approaches are presented to remove stains from license plate images by using photometric stereo technique and hole filling algorithm of texture synthesis(More)
This paper describes an approach to estimate illumination directions of 3D surface texture based on Active Basis. Instead of applying Gabor wavelet transform to extract texture features, we represent our texture features with a simple Haar feature to improve efficiency. The Active Basis model can be learned from training image patches by the shared pursuit(More)
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