Yuanxiu Xing

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The localization of the unknown nodes is essential for many applications in wireless sensor networks (WSN). But the traditional DV-Hop algorithm has not high accuracy of the localization of the nodes. In this paper, we proposed an improved DV-Hop location algorithm based on reduce the accumulation errors of the average hop distance of the unknown nodes in(More)
To improve the accuracy and efficiency of facial expression classification, a facial expression recognition method using Gabor features and Adaboost classifiers is proposed. Local regions that best represent facial expressions are first segmented and located, and then the Gabor features of the local regions are extracted. Gabor features are selected by(More)
We propose an adaptive and fast corner detector based on a double-circle mask to meet real-time applications. First, we calculate the variance of the nucleus of every pixel in the mask. Second, we present an adaptive threshold of a flat area to detect whether the nucleus is on a flat area to avoid the furthermore detecting. Then a corner response function(More)
That's very difficult for traditional display screen to achieve this function that is synchronous display of the industrial production data, because the traditional display screen can just displays static data and images. In this paper, we propose the multimedia dynamic display screen which can achieve the dynamic display of production data from various(More)
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