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The RFID is not only a feasible, novel, and cost-effective candidate for daily object identification but it is also considered as a significant tool to provide traceable visibility along different stages of the aviation supply chain. In the air baggage handing application, the RFID tags are used to enhance the ability for baggage tracking, dispatching and(More)
Text in video is a very compact and accurate clue for video indexing and summarization. This paper presents an algorithm regarding word group as a special symbol to detect, localize and extract video text using support vector machine (SVM) automatically. First, four sobel operators are applied to get the EM(edge map) of the video frame and the EM is(More)
Community-based Question Answering (CQA) has become popular in knowledge sharing sites since it allows users to get answers to complex, detailed, and personal questions directly from other users. Large archives of historical questions and associated answers have been accumulated. Retrieving relevant historical answers that best match a question is an(More)
TCP is a low cost and easy-to-use transport layer protocol widely used in datacenter based applications and web services. Many TCP congestion control algorithms have been proposed to improve the performance of TCP in datacenter networks. However, the emerging wireless technologies in datacenter networks create new problems for TCP congestion control. On the(More)
Molecular events normally have significant meanings since they describe important biological interactions or alternations such as binding of a protein. As a crucial step of biological event extraction, event trigger identification has attracted much attention and many methods have been proposed. Traditionally those methods can be categorised into rule-based(More)
Collaborative Filtering (CF) is the most popular choice when implementing personalized recommender systems. A classical approach to CF is based on K-nearest-neighborhood (KNN) model, where the precondition for making recommendations is the KNN construction for involved entities. However, when building KNN sets, there exits the dilemma to decide the value of(More)