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We consider the diffusive single species growth in a plug flow reactor model with distributed delay. For small delay, existence and uniqueness of such wavefronts are proved when the convolution kernel assumes the strong generic delay kernel. The approaches used in this paper are geometric singular perturbation theory and the center manifold theorem.
  • Art, L F Abdoun, +24 authors A Boutoulout
  • 2011
Partial neutral functional differential equations with infinite delay in extrapolation spaces, Differential and Integral Equations, (Accepted). bifurcation analysis for a mathematical model of Host-Parasite system in marine environment. Journal of Applied Mathematics and computations (Accepted). A multivalued fixed point theorem in ultrauniformizable spaces(More)
Using critical point theory (in particular a Linking theorem) we study the existence of periodic solutions for the second-order delay differential equations x ′′ (t) = −f (t, x(t − τ)), where f (t, x) depends periodically on t and F (t, x) is superquadratic (here ∇xF = f). In particular we consider the case when f does not satisfy the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz(More)
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