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A 96-well plate assay has been devised for estimation of sublethal metabolic activity for compounds administered to in vitro cell cultures during 6- and 24-h exposures. This screen combines a resazurin reduction assay with lactate production and glucose consumption rate assays to assess effects of compounds on both culture viability and metabolic(More)
In this paper, we present a machine learning approach that detects hedge cues and their scope in biomedical texts. Identifying hedged information in texts is a kind of semantic filtering of texts and it is important since it could extract speculative information from factual information. In order to deal with the semantic analysis problem, various(More)
This paper describes a hybrid model and the corresponding algorithm combining support vector machines (SVMs) with statistical methods to improve the performance of SVMs for the task of Chi-nese Named Entity Recognition (NER). In this algorithm, a threshold of the distance from the test sample to the hyper-plane of SVMs in feature space is used to separate(More)