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Networked Predictive Control of Systems With Random Network Delays in Both Forward and Feedback Channels
It is shown that a closed-loop NPC system with bounded random network delay is stable if its corresponding switched system is stable, and the effectiveness of the novel networked predictive control scheme is shown. Expand
Attitude stabilization of rigid spacecraft with finite‐time convergence
The problem of attitude control for a spacecraft model which is nonlinear in dynamics with inertia uncertainty and external disturbance is investigated in this paper. Two sliding mode controllers areExpand
Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Attitude Stabilization With Actuator Saturation
No prior knowledge of inertia moment is required for both of the proposed adaptive control laws, which implies that the designed control schemes can be applied in spacecraft systems with a large parametric uncertainty existing in inertial matrix or even in unknown inertial Matrix. Expand
Design and Stability Criteria of Networked Predictive Control Systems With Random Network Delay in the Feedback Channel
Simulation and real-time results give an illustration of the proposed control strategies and the necessary and sufficient conditions on the stability of the closed-loop NCS are derived, which provides useful analytical stability criteria. Expand
Adaptive attitude tracking control for rigid spacecraft with finite-time convergence
The proposed FNTSM control laws (FNTSMCLs) by employing FNTSMS associated with adaptation provide finite-time convergence, robustness, faster, higher control precision, and they are chattering-free. Expand
Attitude Tracking of Rigid Spacecraft With Bounded Disturbances
The problem of attitude control for a spacecraft model that is nonlinear in dynamics with inertia uncertainty and external disturbance has been investigated. Adaptive law and extended state observerExpand
New Results on H∞ Filtering for Fuzzy Time-Delay Systems
A new filter model motivated by the parallel distributed compensation technique is designed to design a stable filter guaranteeing the asymptotic stability and a prescribed H infin performance of the filtering error system. Expand
On designing of sliding-mode control for stochastic jump systems
Using Linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) approach, sufficient conditions are proposed to guarantee the stochastic stability of the underlying system and a reaching motion controller is designed such that the resulting closed-loop system can be driven onto the desired sliding surface in a limited time. Expand
Robust Adaptive Sliding-Mode Control for Fuzzy Systems With Mismatched Uncertainties
This paper is devoted to design adaptive sliding-mode controllers for the Takagi-Sugeno (T--S) fuzzy system with mismatched uncertainties and exogenous disturbances. The uncertainties in stateExpand
State estimation for a kind of non-uniform sampling dynamic system
It is shown that the main results improve and extend the existing KF for which the samples are obtained multirate non-uniformly, and the feasibility and efficiency of the presented algorithm is illustrated by a numerical simulation example. Expand