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Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (HMSIW) Bandpass Filter
This letter presents the design and experiment of the half mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW) bandpass filters. Three-pole and five-pole HMSIW filters are simulated by using CST software andExpand
Monotonic Loading Tests on Semi-Rigid End-Plate Connections with Welded I-Shaped Columns and Beams
8 specimens of beam-to-column bolted end-plate connections with various details and welded I-shaped section columns and beams were tested under monotonic loads. Based on the specification for theExpand
Mode Shift Behavior Impacts from the Introduction of Metro Service: Case Study of Xi’an, China
Xi’an, as a typical inland city in China with a worse integrated transport system, has promoted the use of metro service to ease serious traffic congestion. This paper uses a logistic regressionExpand
Experimental study of lateral-torsional buckling behavior of stainless steel welded I-section beams
Investigations on lateral-torsional buckling behavior of stainless steel welded I-section beams were carried out through fourpoint bending tests. The Chinese austenitic stainless steel adopted inExpand
Estimation and uncertainty analysis on carbon dioxide emissions from construction phase of real highway projects in China
Carbon dioxide emissions mitigation from road construction activities is one of potential pathways to deal with climate change. Aiming to estimate the magnitude of carbon dioxide emissions andExpand
Low driving voltage ITO doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film and reverse voltage pulse driving method.
The reverse voltage pulse driving method was proposed; this driving method uses the driving signal to reduce the off-time of PDLC. Expand
Fracture prediction of welded steel connections using traditional fracture mechanics and calibrated micromechanics based models
Fracture resistance is of primary concern in the seismic design of beam-to-column connections in steel moment resisting frames (SMRFs). Micromechanics based fracture models such as the void growthExpand
A Novel Cast Aluminum Joint for Reticulated Shell Structures: Experimental Study and Modeling
Aluminum has been increasingly used in reticulated shell structures for large span applications. The joint configuration in such space structure is essentially important for both architectural andExpand
The pressure distribution of insulating glass unites under thermal gradient
The calculation of thermal stresses of insulating glass units is based on the pressure distribution of the insulating layer, which was rarely researched. This paper studies on the pressureExpand
Bearing Strength of Stainless Steel Bolted Connections
The present investigation studies the load bearing performance of stainless steel bolted connections. The austenitic stainless steel developed in China containing approximately 17% of Cr, which couldExpand