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Conventional Binarization methods try to obtain optimal results based on the single image only. They make distinct diversity of binarization quality sometimes even for images of the same documents. Using a binarization evaluation and feedback mechanism, this paper proposed a learning-based binarization method which can improve the binarization of same-type(More)
This paper addresses the problem of perspective distortion rectification of camera-based document images. A perspective rectification method using local linear structure is proposed. In this work, only local structure information such as characters, text lines, and strokes are involved in perspective parallel line detection. Horizontal lines are detected(More)
The separation of Chinese character and English character is helpful for OCR technique. In this paper, a multi-level cascade classifier combined with feature selection is constructed to identify Chinese character and English character based on individual character. Most of samples are identified by the first node classifier, the remained low classification(More)