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This paper proposes a coevolutionary optimization algorithm called DCOA. DCOA mainly focuses on how to adjust sub-population size self-adaptively so as to improve the optimizing performance. To achieve this, a strategy is introduced which consists of three rules: internal competition, external competition and spontaneous growth rules. These rules can(More)
Aircraft landing scheduling, which is to decide landing times for a set of planes, is a multiobjective optimization problem with lots of constraints. It is difficult to be dealt with by multiobjective evolutionary algorithms which use merely general constraint handling methods. In this paper, an effective constraint handling method is specially designed(More)
Aircraft landing scheduling is a multiobjective optimization problem with lots of constraints, which is difficult to be dealt with by traditional multiobjective evolutionary algorithms with general constraint handling strategies such as constraint-dominate definition. In this paper we pertinently designed an effective constraint handling method, and then(More)
Different ontologies used in semantic web services fields raise numerous interoperation and communication problems with respect to service discovery, composition, and execution. The current approaches for ontology mediation often failed due to their lack of sufficient semantic expressiveness and reasoning capability. In this paper1, we present a novel(More)
The task of aircraft landing scheduling (ALS) is to give a landing sequence and landing times for a given set of aircrafts where many constraints must be satisfied. ALS is an NP-hard problem with large-scale and multi-constraint characteristics, thus it is hard to find optimal solution efficiently. In this paper, a hybrid algorithm of Clonal Selection(More)
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