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Map-matching, which reconciles a vehicle’s location with the underlying road map, is a fundamental function of a land vehicle navigation system. This paper presents an improved Kalman filter approach whose state space model is different from the conventional ones. The main objective of the research is to develop and apply a proper Kalman filter-based model(More)
Inter-vehicle communication (IVC) network has become an important topic in research for its potential advantages in enhancing traffic security and efficiency. This paper investigates the communication performance of IVC networks in two lane bidirectional traffic streams. By changing the transmission range of communication units and penetration rate of(More)
This paper presents development and application of a real-time virtual differential map-matching algorithm. Taking advantage of the slowly drifting property of the GPS errors and the continuity in map errors, the authors first define a differential vector between the vehicle's GPS track points and their corresponding mapped points by historical tracks. This(More)
Inter-vehicle communications (IVC) based on mobile ad hoc networks have attracted increasing attention of researchers recently. In this paper, we study the communication performance of IVC networks in multilane dynamic traffic streams. We are concerned with the influence of several traffic factors on multilane communications, such as vehicles' high(More)
This paper focuses on the estimation and variable selection for the local annual average daily traffic (AADT). The variable selection procedure by smoothly clipped absolute deviation penalty is proposed. It can simultaneously select significant variables and estimate unknown regression coefficients in one step. The estimation algorithm and the tuning(More)
Advanced vehicle location (AVL) needs vector maps. Two key procedures for accurately generating a vector map are (i) automatic extraction of a road network layer from a raster map to a vector map, and (ii) accurate geo-adjusting for calibration of the vector map. Their main corresponding problems are that the road pattern recognition is not measurable and(More)
As optical networking becomes a promising choice to meet the ever-increasing demands on bandwidth, constructing multicast wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) switching networks with cheap components and low complexity is a key issue. On the basis of four-stage Clos network, we propose an optimal model of wide-sense nonblocking multicast (WSNBM) WDM(More)
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