Yuanlin Zheng

2Wenjie Wan
1Yong-jian Wang
1Zifeng Zhang
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Purple sweet potato color (PSPC), a naturally occurring anthocyanin, has a powerful antioxidant activity in vitro and in vivo. This study explores whether PSPC has the neuroprotective effect on the aging mouse brain induced by D-galactose (D-gal). The mice administrated with PSPC (100 mg/kg.day, 4 weeks, from 9th week) via oral gavage showed significantly(More)
A simple optical lens plays an important role for exploring the microscopic world in science and technology by refracting light with tailored spatially varying refractive indices. Recent advancements in nanotechnology enable novel lenses, such as, superlens and hyperlens, with sub-wavelength resolution capabilities by specially designed materials'(More)
Time-reversal symmetry is important to optics. Optical processes can run in a forward or backward direction through time when such symmetry is preserved. In linear optics, a time-reversed process of laser emission can enable total absorption of coherent light fields inside an optical cavity of loss by time-reversing the original gain medium. Nonlinearity,(More)
New technology is continuously proposed in the printing technology, and as a result the need to perform quality assessment is increasing. Subjective assessment of quality is tiresome and expensive, the use of objective methods have therefore become more and more popular. One type of objective assessment that has been subject for extensive research is image(More)
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