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Garlic polysaccharide (GPS) was modified in selenylation respectively by nitric acid-sodium selenite (NA-SS), glacial acetic acid-selenous acid (GA-SA), glacial acetic acid-sodium selenite (GA-SS) and selenium oxychloride (SOC) methods each under nine modification conditions of L9(3(4)) orthogonal design and each to obtain nine selenizing GPSs (sGPSs).(More)
The purpose of these experiments is to study the effects of Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients (CHMIs) on peripheral lymphocyte proliferation and serum antibody titer in chicken vaccinated with Newcastle disease. Nine CHMIs were chosen for the experiments. Astragalus polysaccharide (APS), Isatis root polysaccharide (IRPS), Epimedium flavone (EF), Propolis(More)
A high-throughput and efficient Affymetrix rat genome array was used to investigate the pharmacological mechanism of the traditional Chinese medicine, Pulsatillae Decoction (PD), used for the treatment of diseases induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Rat intestinal microvascular endothelial cells (RIMECs) were challenged with 1mug/ml LPS for 3h, and then(More)
On the basis of previous test that selenizing Chinese angelica polysaccharides (sCAPs) with stronger immune-enhancing activity in vitro were picked out, the immune-enhancing activity in vivo of three sCAPs, sCAP2, sCAP6 and sCAP8, at high and low dosage were compared taking the unmodified Chinese angelica polysaccharide (CAP) as control by determination of(More)
Chinese angelica polysaccharide (CAP) was extracted by water decoction and ethanol precipitation, purified through eliminating protein by Sevage method and column chromatography of Sephadex G-200, then selenizingly modified by nitric acid-sodium selenite method according to L(9)(3(4)) orthogonal design of three-factors, the usage amount of sodium selenite,(More)
The Atractylodes macrocephala polysaccharide (AMP) was extracted purified and modified in selenylation by Nitric acid-sodium selenite method to get nine selenizing AMPs (sAMPs), sAMP(1)-sAMP(9). In vitro test their effects on chicken peripheral lymphocyte proliferation were determined by MTT assay. The results showed that nine sAMPs and AMP at five(More)
Two compound Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients (cCHMIs) were prepared, respectively, with epimedium polysaccharide plus propolis flavone (cCHMIs 1) and astragalus polysaccharide plus ginsenoside (cCHMIs 2). In animal immune experiment, Newcastle disease vaccine was mixed, respectively, with two cCHMIs and IL-2 to vaccinate 15-day-old chicken in(More)
Codonopsis pilosula polysaccharide (CP) was extracted, purified and modified by chlorosulfonic acid-pyridine method to obtain a sulfated CP (sCP). Their antioxidative activities in vitro were compared through the free radical-scavenging test. The results demonstrated that the scavenging capabilities of sCP were significantly stronger than those of CP. In(More)
BACKGROUND Our previous research showed that icariin (1) and its phosphorylated structural modification (2) improved the survival and attenuated oxidative stress and liver dysfunction induced by duck virus hepatitis. In this paper, we were one step closer to determine the structure of phosphorylation icariin (2) by the FT-IR, HRESIMS and (13)C NMR.(More)
In order to compare the adjuvant activity of compound Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients (cCHMIs) and filtrate best prescription and dose, two initial screened cCHMIs were prepared and mixed with Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine respectively at three doses to vaccinate 17-day-old chickens, taking the non-adjuvant and oil adjuvant vaccines as controls. On(More)