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A method based on fringe reflection is presented to measure the aspheric mirror with higher precise. This method measures the absolute height of the aspheric mirror with dummy paraboloid, while the camera is located beside the optical axis of the test surface. It can be used to measure the aspheric mirror with high deviation. And for locating the camera(More)
An advanced Phase Measuring Deflectometry(PMD) is proposed to measure the three dimensional (3D) shape of the aspheric mirror. In the measurement process, a liquid crystal display(LCD)screen displaying sinusoidal fringe patterns and a camera observing the fringe patterns reflected via the tested mirror, are moved along the tested mirror optical axis,(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement of an aspheric mirror with fringe reflection photogrammetry involves three steps: correspondence matching, triangulation, and bundle adjustment. Correspondence matching is realized by absolute phase tracking and triangulation is computed by the intersection of reflection and incidence rays. The main contribution in(More)
Three-dimensional (3-D) shape measurement using a novel encoded-phase grating is proposed. The projected sinusoidal fringe patterns are designed with wrapped and encoded phase instead of monotonic and unwrapped phase. Phase values of the projected fringes on the surface are evaluated by phase-shift technique. The absolute phase is then restored with(More)
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