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Maneuver-Aided Active Satellite Tracking Using Six-DOF Optimal Dynamic Inversion Control
A generalized inter-satellite tracking problem, maneuver-aided active satellite tracking, is addressed here. An active satellite has uncooperative maneuver, which shortens the tracking window andExpand
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Attitude-based dynamic and kinematic models for wheels of mobile robot on deformable slope
Deformable slope is a type of terrain that wheeled mobile robots (WMRs) and ground unmanned vehicles (GUVs) may have to traverse to accomplish their mission tasks. However, the associatedExpand
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A multi-mode real-time terrain parameter estimation method for wheeled motion control of mobile robots
Abstract For motion control of wheeled planetary rovers traversing on deformable terrain, real-time terrain parameter estimation is critical in modeling the wheel-terrain interaction and compensatingExpand
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Error-Tolerant Switched Robust Extended Kalman Filter With Application to Parameter Estimation of Wheel-Soil Interaction
A real-time soil parameter estimation method for wheel motion control of a planetary rover is proposed. In this method, dominant soil parameters are updated in real time to compensate the error ofExpand
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The optimization of path planning for multi-robot system using Boltzmann Policy based Q-learning algorithm
Path planning is a fundamental method in solving mazes or moving robots traversing through open fields with obstacles. Q-learning method is a model-independent reinforcement learning method, whichExpand
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Definition and Application of Variable Resistance Coefficient for Wheeled Mobile Robots on Deformable Terrain
Resistance coefficient (RC) is an important measure when designing wheel-driving mechanisms and accurate dynamic models for real-time mobility control of wheeled mobile robots (WMRs). This measure isExpand
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Simplified Sliding Mode of a Novel Class of Four-dimensional Fractional-order Chaos
We study the simplified control for a novel class of four-dimensional (4-D) fractionalorder chaos in this paper. Firstly, a novel class of 4-D fractional-order chaos is introduced, which can expressExpand
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Three-layer intelligence of planetary exploration wheeled mobile robots: Robint, virtint, and humint
The great success of the Sojourner rover in the Mars Pathfinder mission set off a global upsurge of planetary exploration with autonomous wheeled mobile robots (WMRs), or rovers. Planetary WMRs areExpand
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Countering Web Spam of Link-based Ranking Based on Link Analysis
Abstract We propose a ranking algorithm to help search engine eliminate spam pages. On the basis of an initial blacklist containing a small set of identified spam pages, our algorithm evaluates aExpand
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Adaptive reinforcement Q-Learning algorithm for swarm-robot system using pheromone mechanism
The states and actions of the robots in uncertain environments are continuous, which will easily lead to the problem of slow learning speed and the combinatorial explosion issue of the reinforcementExpand
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