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— In this paper, a finite-horizon optimal control scheme for a class of nonlinear systems with saturating actuator is proposed by an improved iterative adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) algorithm. The Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation corresponding to constrained control is formulated using a suitable nonquadratic function. Then mathematical analysis(More)
This paper proposes a feed-forward control model for SWB6105 parallel hybrid electric urban bus (PHEUB) by using Matlab/Simulink. In order to optimize the fuel economy, balance the battery state of charge (SOC), and satisfy the requirements of the vehicle performance and drivability as well, a logic threshold torque distribution control strategy (LTTDCS)(More)
—A new approach to solving dynamic optimization problems (DOPs), called robust optimization over time (ROOT) has recently been suggested and a number of optimization algorithms for finding ROOT solutions have been developed. These algorithms typically rely on the predicted fitness in the new environment to determine the robustness of a solution, which may(More)
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