Yuanjun Huang

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In this paper, a finite-horizon optimal control scheme for a class of nonlinear systems with saturating actuator is proposed by an improved iterative adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) algorithm. The Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation corresponding to constrained control is formulated using a suitable nonquadratic function. Then mathematical analysis of(More)
A new approach to solving dynamic optimization problems (DOPs), called robust optimization over time (ROOT) has recently been suggested and a number of optimization algorithms for finding ROOT solutions have been developed. These algorithms typically rely on the predicted fitness in the new environment to determine the robustness of a solution, which may be(More)
Aerial scene classification has been drawn much attention in numerous surveillance applications such as terrain landform analysis and traffic situation assessment. However, due to the diversity of aerial scenes, they present large intra-class variations and make the classification process very challenging. To handle such problems, a batch loss(More)
This paper proposes a feed-forward control model for SWB6105 parallel hybrid electric urban bus (PHEUB) by using Matlab/Simulink. In order to optimize the fuel economy, balance the battery state of charge (SOC), and satisfy the requirements of the vehicle performance and drivability as well, a logic threshold torque distribution control strategy (LTTDCS)(More)
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