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A new DBSCAN clustering based niching GA (DCNGA) algorithm that used to locate all global optima in uneven multimodal domain is presented in the paper. In order to remove some a priori knowledge requirements of standard sharing, such as peaks number and sharing distance, DCNGA using DBSCAN clustering algorithm to identify the niche automatically, and(More)
An important task in most 3D measurement systems based on machine vision is camera calibration, whose objective is to estimate the internal and external parameters of each camera. A new accurate calibration method with multilevel process of camera parameter is presented. Flexibly making use of geometry imaging theory, our algorithm obtain all the parameters(More)
Weights of edges and nodes on food webs which are available from the empirical data hide much information about energy flows and biomass distributions in ecosystem. We define a set of variables related to weights for each species i, including the throughflow T i , the total biomass X i , and the dissipated flow D i (output to the environment) to uncover the(More)
PURPOSE Higher order tensor (HOT) imaging approaches based on the spherical deconvolution framework have attracted much interest for their effectiveness in estimating fiber orientation distribution (FOD). However, sparse regularization techniques are still needed to obtain stable FOD in solving the deconvolution problem, particularly in very high orders.(More)
Level set methods are often used to solve the image segmentation problem. A new method based on momentum level set segmentation is applied to extract phase change line automatically from complex phase change thermography sequence. Firstly, effective phase change information is obtained by the inter-frame difference with the template image and the(More)
A multiobject optimization model based on forecast data for multisatellite resources scheduling is presented to solve the problems existing in models for satellite tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) system such as too many parameters and constraints, lack of descriptions for part of the system's requirements and even blinking the facts. Utilizing(More)