Yuanjing Feng

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PURPOSE Higher order tensor (HOT) imaging approaches based on the spherical deconvolution framework have attracted much interest for their effectiveness in estimating fiber orientation distribution (FOD). However, sparse regularization techniques are still needed to obtain stable FOD in solving the deconvolution problem, particularly in very high orders.(More)
Weights of edges and nodes on food webs which are available from the empirical data hide much information about energy flows and biomass distributions in ecosystem. We define a set of variables related to weights for each species i, including the throughflow T i , the total biomass X i , and the dissipated flow D i (output to the environment) to uncover the(More)
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive imaging method that has been increasingly used in neuroscience imaging over the last decade. Partial volume effects (PVEs) exist in sampling signal for many physical and actual reasons, which lead to inaccurate fiber imaging. We overcome the influence of PVEs by separating isotropic signal from(More)
— In this paper, we propose a data-driven optimal feedback controller design method based on approximate value iteration which is a kind of dynamic programming method. With the data set containing sufficient dynamic information of the plant, the data-driven dynamic programming operator is well defined. An approximate of the optimal cost function is obtained(More)
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