Yuanjie Zhou

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As a highly valued keto-carotenoid, astaxanthin is widely used in nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the demand for biosynthetic astaxanthin and improved efficiency of astaxanthin biosynthesis has driven the investigation of metabolic engineering of native astaxanthin producers and heterologous hosts. However, microbial resources for(More)
Dongfang Road, Shanghai, 200127, China, ! Abstract.This paper describes the participation of the FDUMedSearch team at TREC 2015 Clinical Decision Support track (CDS2015). Given the medical cases, the main purpose of CDS2015 is to develop effective information retrieval techniques in finding relevant documents for patient care. We used Indri as the retrieval(More)
The nucleotide sequence of a self-transmissible plasmid pVPH1 harboring bla(PER-1) from Vibrio parahaemolyticus was determined. pVPH1 was 183,730 bp in size and shared a backbone similar to pAQU1 and pAQU2, differing mainly in an ∼40-kb multidrug resistance (MDR) region. A complex class 1 integron was identified together with ISCR1 and bla(PER-1)(More)
Cephalosporin-resistant Vibrio alginolyticus was first isolated from food products, with β-lactamases encoded by blaPER-1, blaVEB-1, and blaCMY-2 being the major mechanisms mediating their cephalosporin resistance. The complete sequence of a multidrug resistance plasmid, pVAS3-1, harboring the blaCMY-2 and qnrVC4 genes was decoded in this study. Its(More)
This study reports the complete sequence of pE80, a conjugative IncFII plasmid recovered from an Escherichia coli strain isolated from chicken meat. This plasmid harbors multiple resistance determinants including oqxAB, fosA3, blaCTX-M-55, and blaTEM-1, and is a close variant of the recently reported p42-2 element, which was recovered from E. coli of(More)
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