Yuanjie Wang

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This work investigates co-primary spectrum sharing problem in the local area indoor dense deployment scenario. A spectrum sharing method and relevant mechanism are designed to achieve flexible spectrum usage amongst multiple operator networks. This proposed solution improves spectrum efficiency by making small cells more flexibly and efficiently utilize(More)
The meta distribution of the signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) provides fine-grained information about the performance of individual links in a wireless network. This paper focuses on the analysis of the meta distribution of the SIR for both the cellular network uplink and downlink with fractional power control. For the uplink scenario, an approximation of(More)
To solve the problems of instability of agricultural robot when avoiding obstacles, a kind of navigation method which combined monocular visual navigation technology and remote monitoring technology was proposed: using the centerline method to extract the navigation path to achieve visual navigation; the monitoring center received two-way real-time image(More)
This paper presents a new pedestrian detection algorithm used in Advanced Driver-Assistance System with only one camera aiming to improving traffic safety. The new pedestrian detection algorithm differs from traditional pedestrian detection algorithm, which only focuses on pedestrian detection rate or pedestrian detection accuracy. Conversely, the proposed(More)
A fuzzy control system was designed to command driving directions for a mountain agriculture robot. First, a fuzzy control system program was developed based on the scheme of the robot driving control system. Then, the core part of the system--the fuzzy controller--was designed. Finally, a system model was created and a simulation test was conducted through(More)
To overcome the shortcomings such as significantly de-noising effect and easily losing the details of the image characteristics of the existing image de-noising methods, an image de-noising algorithm based on the hybrid wavelet transform was proposed. The algorithm integrated the advantages of wavelet de-noising retaining image details features and Wiener(More)
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