Yuanhui Li

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Understanding the electronic properties of oligonucleotide systems is important for applications in nanotechnology, biology, and sensing systems. Here the charge-transport properties of guanine-rich RNA:DNA hybrids are compared to double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) duplexes with identical sequences. The conductance of the RNA:DNA hybrids is ∼10 times higher than(More)
OBJECTIVE To find the largest screw path in the acetabular anterior column using a novel method of axial perspective and test the clinical feasibility of the anterior column axial view projection. METHODS 3D models with the inner triangular patches deleted were created from the pelvic CT scan data of 58 normal pelvises. The transparency of each 3D model(More)
DNA is a promising molecule for applications in molecular electronics because of its unique electronic and self-assembly properties. Here we report that the conductance of DNA duplexes increases by approximately one order of magnitude when its conformation is changed from the B-form to the A-form. This large conductance increase is fully reversible, and by(More)
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