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DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification essential for gene regulations in plants, but understanding on how it is involved in fruit development, especially in non-climacteric fleshy fruit, is limited. The diploid woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is an important model for non-climacteric fruit crops. In this study, we identified DNA(More)
This paper investigates the modeling and stability of a class of finite evolutionary games with time delays in strategies. First, the evolutionary dynamics of a sequence of strategy profiles, named as the profile trajectory, is proposed to describe the strategy updating process of the evolutionary games with time delays. Using the semi-tensor product of(More)
In the field of virtual reality, Collision Detection Technology was widely developed for improving the performance of 3D Graphics. Following rapid growth of virtual objects with complex shapes, conventional methods perform harder to effectively detect the collision. Facing the problem, we presented a collision detection algorithm based on improved quantum(More)
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