Yuanhua Deng

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The monotone iteration scheme is a constructive method for solving a wide class of semilinear elliptic boundary value problems. With the availability of a supersolution and a subsolution, the iterates converge monotoni-cally to one or two solutions of the nonlinear PDE. However, the rates of such monotone convergence cannot be determined in general. In(More)
Numerical solutions of 2 × 2 semilinear systems of elliptic boundary value problems, whose nonlinearities are of quasimonotone nondecreasing, quasimonotone nonincreasing, or mixed quasimonotone types, are computed. At each step of the (quasi) monotone iteration, the solution is represented by a simple-layer potential plus a domain integral; the simple-layer(More)
Recently, a new subset of T helper (Th) cell that predominantly secret cytokine interleukin-22 (IL-22) is identified, termed Th22 cells. The Th22 subset has been demonstrated to be involved in immunity and tissue inflammation. However, the existence of Th22 cells and role of IL-22 in acute viral myocarditis (AVMC) remain unknown. BALB/c mice were(More)
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