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Software-Defined Networking (SDN), enabled by Open Flow, represents a paradigm shift from traditional network to the future Internet. Replicate or distributed controllers have been proposed to address the issues of availability and scalability that a centralized controller suffers from. However, it lacks a flexible mechanism to balance load among(More)
Network controller is the core of the OpenFlow-Based Software-Defined Networks (SDN). High availability of network controller is an urgent need objectively. The appearance of controller instance fault should not be perceived by data plane. During the fault recovery, OpenFlow messages, especially asynchronous message from data plane, should not be discarded.(More)
In the today's modern age the usage of internet has been increasing tremendously. Hence high network traffic which requires many services such as DNS to control. To solve this load balancing are being used. But dedicated load balancers are expensive and quickly become a single point of failure and congestion. But this can be improved for better(More)
The rapid development of internet technology and mobile communication technology has brought significant changes to the way in which people retrieve information and experience application service. We believe that application migration can perfectly solve these problems, if the continuity of application service experience and efficiency of migration process(More)
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