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A novel dioscin-glycosidase that specifically hydrolyzes multi-glycosides such as 3-O-alpha-L-(1 --> 4)-rhamnoside, 3-O-alpha-L-(1 --> 2)-rhamnoside, 3-O-alpha-L-(1 --> 4)-arabinoside and beta-D-glucoside on diosgenin was isolated from Absidia sp.d38 strain; and it was purified and characterized. The molecular weight of the new dioscin-glycosidase is about(More)
The microbial production of 1,3-propaneidol (1,3-PD) by Klebsiella pneumoniae in continuous fermentation was investigated under low, medium and high glycerol concentrations in the absence and presence of oxygen. The production of 1,3-PD increased with increasing glycerol concentrations, reaching a maximum (266 mmol l−1) under high glycerol concentration(More)
The first rhodium(II)-catalyzed aza-[4+3] cycloadditions of 1-sulfonyl 1,2,3-triazoles with 1,3-dienes have been developed, and enable the efficient synthesis of highly functionalized 2,5-dihydroazepines from readily available precursors. In some cases, the reaction pathway could divert to formal aza-[3+2] cycloadditions, thus leading to(More)
The Rh(II)-catalyzed formal [3+2] and [3+3] cycloadditions of 1-tosyl 1,2,3-triazoles with 2H-azirines have been developed, which enable the efficient synthesis of polysubstituted 3-aminopyrroles and 1,2-dihydropyrazines, respectively. The reported [3+2] cycloaddition represents the first application of 1-sulfonyl 1,2,3-triazole as a [2C]-component in(More)
With the improvement of the intelligence degree of video surveillance system, the people-counting in surveillance area becomes a studying focus. This paper proposes a fast and effective people-counting method. In this method, we divide the monitoring area into blocks at first, and then we recognize people in each block and combine both the static detection(More)
Rhodium(II)-catalyzed intramolecular [4 + 3] cycloadditions of dienyltriazoles have been developed, which enable the efficient synthesis of various fused 2,5-dihydroazepines. Mechanistically, the titled reaction proceeds via an interesting tandem cyclopropanation/aza-cope rearrangement.
In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become the strategic resource of toursim enterprises. And then, Knowledge management is the inevitable development trends of modern tourism enterprises. Under a highly competitive circumstances, The toursim enterprises must vigorously promote their own competitiveness. In this paper, the current domestic market(More)
2, 4-dichlorophenol (2, 4-DCP) is considered to be a highly toxic, mutagenic, and possibly carcinogenic pollutant. This study is focused on the electrochemical oxidation of 2, 4-DCP on nanostructured 3D-porous Ti/Sb-SnO2-Gr anodes, with the aim of presenting a comprehensive elucidation of mineralization process through the investigation of influential(More)
RO8191 represents a newly discovered small-molecule IFN-like agent that displays potent anti-HCV activity. With it as lead, a series of compounds bearing an imidazo[1,2-α][1,8]naphthyridine core and an amide bond-linked side chain were designed and synthesized. These compounds were evaluated on HCV cell culture system (HCVcc-hRluc-JFH1), and some of them(More)