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The inhibitory effects of Chinese leek (Allium tuberosum) on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc) and on Fusarium wilt incidence were studied in order to identify a potential efficient way to control the disease. Adopting the rotation system of Chinese leek-banana reduced the Fusarium wilt incidence and disease severity index by 88–97 % and 91–96 %,(More)
Dear Editor: Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a serious hyperinflammatory condition that develops sporadically in patients undergoing treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We collected data from a patient who developed HLH while undergoing treatment for IBD, as well as from 21 other cases through a literature search.We summarized(More)
Quantitative phase extraction is a key step in optical measurement. While phase shifting technique is widely employed for static or semi-static phase measurement, it requires several images with known phase shifts at each deformed stage, thus is not suitable for dynamic phase measurement. Fourier transform offer a solution to extract phase information from(More)
We have achieved quantitative two-dimensional Raman measurements of the concentration of methane in a laminar methane jet into nitrogen without multipassing the incident laser sheet with a coaxial flash-lamp-pumped dye laser. The measurements are compared with the results of direct numerical simulation for the particular flow field. We conclude that the(More)
A temporal wavelet analysis method is proposed for velocity, displacement, and three-dimensional surface-profile measurement of a continuously deforming object by use of the shadow moiré technique. A grating is placed close to a deforming object, and its shadow is observed through the grating. The moiré fringe patterns, generated by the interference of the(More)
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