Yuangao Li

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According to literature, the incidence of three-canal maxillary first premolar is between 0.5% and 7.5%. The two types of three-canal maxillary premolars are two-rooted and three-rooted three-canal maxillary premolars. Most case reports in Chinese literature focus on three-rooted three-canal maxillary premolars. To our knowledge, no domestic case report on(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the adjunctive effect of diode laser irradiation for the treatment of periodontal-endodontic combined lesions. METHODS 30 cases with periodontal-endodontic combined lesions were selected. All cases were randomly divided into experimental group and control group (n=15). In the control group, patients were treated with root canal(More)
OBJECTIVE This in vitro study is to evaluate the effect of ultrasonic power settings and cooling methods on fracture behavior of the separated nickel titanium instruments during ultrasonic removal. METHODS 40 discarded and 10 new nickel titanium instruments were used to establish the separated instrument removal model. The discarded instruments were(More)
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