Yuanfang Chen

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Along with the fast development of sensor hardware, traditional scalar sensor nodes are now provided with both multimedia and mobility functions. By observing this emerging combination of these two functions into traditional wireless sensor networks (WSNs), we take the opportunity in this paper to highlight a subset of WSNs, which we name as " Mobile(More)
—Data aggregation, as a primitive communication task in wireless networks, can reduce the communication complexity. However, in-network aggregation usually brings an unavoidable security defect. Some malicious nodes may control a large percentage of the whole network data and compel the network misbehave in an arbitrary manner. Thus, locating the malicious(More)
This paper aims at mitigating the so-called Funneling Effect for S-MAC, particularly by improving the throughput and fairness of S-MAC. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) exhibit some phenomenon named Funneling Effect resulting from the accumulation of disproportionate large number of packets in the regions close to the sink. The collision and congestion due(More)
—Location-Based services with social networks improve users' experience and enrich people's social live. However, location information is often inadequate due to privacy and security concerns. We seek to infer users' 'Current City' on Facebook for coarse location based applications. We first extract users' multiple explicit and implicit location attributes,(More)