Yuandong Xu

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Tracking generic human motion is significantly challenging because of the highdimensional state space as well as various motion types. In order to deal with the challenges, we propose a fusion formulation to integrate the lowand high-dimensional tracking approaches into one framework. The low-dimensional approach successfully overcomes the high-dimensional(More)
In this work, a highly sensitive hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) biosensor based on immobilization of hemoglobin (Hb) at Au nanoparticles (AuNPs)/flower-like zinc oxide/graphene (AuNPs/ZnO/Gr) composite modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was constructed, where ZnO and Au nanoparticles were modified through layer-by-layer onto Gr/GCE. Flower-like ZnO(More)
Vibration of cylinder liners affects not only engine combustion performances but also tribological behaviour and noise radiations. However, it is difficult to characterize it experimentally due to multiple sources, strong background noise, and nonlinear transfer paths. Therefore, a finite element model is established in this study to predict the dynamic(More)
This paper characterises vibration signals using modulation signal bispectrum method in order to develop an effective and reliable feature sets for detecting and diagnosing faults from both the bearings and impellers in a centrifugal pump. As vibration signals contain high level background noises due to inevitable flow cavitation and turbulences, effective(More)
Rolling element bearings are the essential components of rotating machines, faults of which can cause serious failures or even major breakdowns of a machine. Fault diagnosis deliveries significant benefits to machines with rolling element bearings by finding the faults at early period and taking corrective actions to enhance safe and high performance(More)
Bearings have been widely used with the broad application of rotating machines. Hence, in order to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of rotating machinery, condition monitoring of bearings is significant during the operation. However, due to the influence of high background noise and components slippage, incipient faults are difficult to(More)
Condition monitoring (CM) of gearbox is a crucial activity due to its importance in power transmission for many industrial applications. Monitoring temperature is an effective mean to collect useful information about the healthy conditions of the gearbox. This study investigates the use of a novel wireless temperature node to monitor and diagnose different(More)
We synthesized ZnO-SiO2 composite opal and ZnO inverse opal by electrodeposition using SiO2-opal template and polystyrene (PS)-opal template, respectively. Compared with compact ZnO nanocrystal film also prepared by electrodeposition, ordered ZnO nanostructures exhibit more significant red-shift and broadening of the UV peak with increasing excitation(More)
The friction between piston ring-cylinder liner is a major cause of energy losses in internal combustion engines. However, no experimental method is available to measure and analyze the fictional behavior. This paper focuses on the investigation of using acoustic emission (AE) to characterize the friction online. To separate the effect relating to friction(More)
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