Yuanchen Zhu

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Intelligent transportation systems have become increasingly important for the public transportation in Shanghai. In response, ShanghaiGrid (SG) aims to provide abundant intelligent transportation services to improve the traffic condition. A challenging service in SG is to estimate the real-time traffic condition on surface streets. In this paper, we present(More)
We present a 3d deformation method based on Moving Least Squares that extends the work by Schaefer et al. [Schaefer et al. 2006] to the 3d setting. The user controls the deformation by manipulating a set of point handles. Locally, the deformation takes the form of either a rigid transformation or optionally a similarity transformation, and tends to preserve(More)
  • Yuanchen Zhu
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 2005
We present a new algorithm for view-dependent level-of-detail rendering of meshes. Not only can it effectively resolve complex geometry features similar to edge collapse-based schemes, but it also produces meshes that modern graphics hardware can render efficiently. This is accomplished through a novel hybrid approach: for each frame, we view-dependently(More)
Sensor network localization is an instance of the NP-Hard graph realization problem. Thus, methods used in practice are not guaranteed to find the correct localization, even if it is uniquely determined by the input distances. In this article, we show the following: if the sensors are allowed to wiggle, giving us perturbed distance data, we can apply a(More)
A significant fraction of network events (such as topology or route changes) and the resulting performance degradation stem from premeditated network management and operational tasks. This paper introduces a general class of Graceful Network Operation (GNO) problems, where the goal is to discover the optimal sequence of operations that progressively(More)
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