Yuanchen Qi

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A matching project based on SIFT arithmetic operators is brought forward in the paper in order to realize the matching of remote sensing images for unpiloted aircraft with high-precision. When the unpiloted aircraft is capturing the remote sensing images of high-resolution along the low altitude, since the shooting angles from different stations are also(More)
We propose a novel Monte Carlo tracking algorithm which can work robustly under complex dynamic scenario. Firstly, for the problem that particle filter tracking framework is prone to make the tracking failure under complex background when the features have low discriminative abilities, we design a feature adaptive selection mechanism based on online(More)
We propose a novel tracking algorithm which can work robustly under complex dynamic scenarios. Our algorithm is based on a scheme of multiple basic mean shift tracking. In this scheme, we use Sparse Principal Component Analysis to generate multiple target models, with which each basic mean shift tracker runs in parallel at the same time. The best(More)
As an important way to obtain the high-resolution remote sensing images, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aviation remote sensing plays a more and more important role in the area of photogrammetry and remote sensing application. The correction of the UAV remote sensing images without the ground control points needs high-resolution attitude data. The(More)
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