Yuanchao Geng

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Atomic force microscope (AFM) tip-based nanomachining is currently the object of intense research investigations. Values of the load applied to the tip at the free end of the AFM cantilever probe used for nanomachining are always large enough to induce plastic deformation on the specimen surface contrary to the small load values used for the conventional(More)
The conversion of the FM-to-AM effect induced by intermodal interference in the broadband large-mode-area (LMA) fiber laser was first investigated theoretically and experimentally. The numerical simulation results show that the spectrum transfer functions are different at different positions of the LMA fiber end face owing to the intermodal interference, so(More)
We report a kind of structured light beam with periodical polarization and phase singularities. It is generated from a setup consisting of conical refraction transformation and 4f-system. By this setup, the periodical structures are produced without any change of intensity distributions. We analyze both theoretically and experimentally the polarization and(More)
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