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The maximum-likelihood detection (MLD) algorithm is the optimal detection scheme for vertical Bell Laboratories layered space-time (V-BLAST) systems. However, it is generally infeasible to implement the MLD algorithm in practical systems because of its high computational complexity. In this paper, we used two parallel interference cancellation techniques,(More)
A new joint frame synchronization and carrier frequency offset estimation scheme in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems is proposed in this paper, where both frame synchronization and carrier frequency offset estimation can be performed by using only ONE training symbol. Frame synchronization and carrier frequency offset acquisition(More)
Amidst conflicting views about whether soft cooperative energy detection scheme (SCEDS) outperforms hard cooperative energy detection scheme (HCEDS) greatly in cognitive radio, we establish the bridge that mathematically connects SCEDS and HCEDS by closed approximations. Through this bridge, it is demonstrate that, if the number of detectors of HCEDS is 1.6(More)
In this letter, we simplify the well-known semiorthogonal user selection (SUS) algorithm for the multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) system with zeroforcing beamforming (ZFBF). Compared with the original SUS algorithm, the proposed user selection algorithm achieves the same performance, but with significantly less complexity. Simulation(More)
1-4244-2575-4/08/$20.00 © 2008 IEEE As the commercialization of Mobile WiMAX, its security scheme will be challenged by several kinds of attacks. However, few of relevant papers tackle the security issues of WiMAX network. David Johnston and Jesse Walker gave the most complete analysis of WiMAX security in [2], which focused on the problem of 802.16d.(More)
This paper presents an unequal Wilkinson power divider operating at arbitrary dual band without reactive components (such as inductors and capacitors). To satisfy the unequal characteristic, a novel structure is proposed with two groups of transmission lines and two parallel stubs. Closed-form equations containing all parameters of this structure are(More)
A new carrier frequency offset estimation scheme in the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is proposed. The proposed algorithm is an extension of the Michele Morelli (M&M) algorithm. By dividing one training symbol into 1 identical small blocks, the carrier frequency offset estimation range up to 2 times subcarrier spacing can be(More)