Yuan-zhong Wang

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Cancer stem cells (CSC) play critical roles in cancer initiation, progression, and therapeutic refractoriness. Although many studies have focused on the genes and pathways involved in stemness, characterization of the factors in the tumor microenvironment that regulate CSCs is lacking. In this study, we investigated the effects of stromal fibroblasts on(More)
For the first time, highly elevated levels of mercury (Hg) have been documented for several species of the edible Fungi genus Boletus growing in latosols, lateritic red earths, and red and yellow earths from the Yunnan province of China. Analysis of Hg concentrations in the genus suggests that geogenic Hg is the dominant source of Hg in the fungi, whereas(More)
Gentiana rhodantha, a rich source of iridoids and polyphenols, is a traditional ethnomedicine widely used in China. Metabolic fingerprinting based on a LC-UV-MS/MS method was applied to explore the chemical markers for discrimination of G. rhodantha from different geographical origins. Targeted compounds were separated on a Shim-pack XR-ODS III (150 × 2.0(More)
Some species of Laccaria have been known to contain relatively high levels of arsenic in Europe and are used as edible mushrooms in the southwest China. One population of Laccaria proxima and one population of L. vinaceoavellanea as well as topsoil (0–10 cm) they grew on were collected from natural habitats of Yunnan (SW China), while other samples such as(More)
BACKGROUND Millions of people are killed by viral hepatitis every year in the world, whereas many relevant medicines are too expensive to purchase. Swertia mileensis, a medicinal plant for hepatitis in the system of traditional Chinese medicine, has been vanishing gradually because of overexploitation. OBJECTIVE To find substitutes of S. mileensis and(More)
This study aimed to investigate and discuss the occurrence and accumulation of mercury in the fruiting bodies of wild-growing fungi (Macromycetes) collected from montane forests in two regions of southwestern China with differences in soil geochemistry, climate and geographical conditions. Fungal mycelia in soils of the subalpine region of the Minya Konka(More)
As a result of the pressure from population explosion, agricultural land resources require further protecting and rationally utilizing. Intercropping technique has been widely applied for agricultural production to save cultivated area, improve crop quality, and promote agriculture economy. In this study, we employed high-performance liquid chromatography(More)
Contents of eight mineral elements in maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) from China and Peru were determined by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy. Cu contents in maca samples from China (2.5-31 mg kg(-1) dry weight, dw) were higher than the samples from Peru (<2.1 mg kg(-1) dw). Na in two samples from China was found to be significantly of(More)
Gentiana rigescens, an important medicinal plant in China, has been widely cultivated in Yunnan province, China. Previous studies were focused on analysis and determination of the metabolites isolated from this species, the accumulation of these metabolites during growth period are not yet clear. In this study, samples for the experiments were obtained by(More)