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A series of processes by biofilter and Fenton oxidation to treat mature landfill leachate has been devised. At a hydraulic loading rate of 20 l m(-3)d(-1), a biofilter packed with aged refuse is found to remove 80% of chemical oxygen demand (COD), 89% of ammonia nitrogen and 96% of total phosphorus (TP). Particularly, TP levels dropped below 1 mg l(-1). The(More)
Phasing of the crystal structures of four standard proteins (lysozyme, trypsin, glucose isomerase and thaumatin) and a novel 69 kDa protein from Thermus thermophilus, TT0570, was performed using the single-wavelength anomalous diffraction of S atoms intrinsically present within the native protein molecules. To utilize the sulfur anomalous diffraction, the(More)
Any distribution is completely defined by its moments. It is shown that a process of phase refinement can be carried out, based on Fourier transforms, which modifies the moments of electron density, separately in the protein and solvent regions, towards target values. Tests have been carried out on two moderate-sized proteins with 800-900 atoms in the(More)
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