Yuan-qing Xu

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A size-based blood cell sorting model with a micro-fence structure is proposed in the frame of immersed boundary and lattice Boltzmann method (IB-LBM). The fluid dynamics is obtained by solving the discrete lattice Boltzmann equation, and the cells motion and deformation are handled by the immersed boundary method. A micro-fence consists of two parallel(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the cardioprotective effects of total saponin from Panax japonicus pretreating on acute myocardial ischemia injury induced by ligating coronary artery left anterior descending branch (LAD) in rats. METHODS Rats were divided into sham group, model group and total saponin group. The treatment group was given total saponin of Panax(More)
Li J.-L., Xu Y.-Q., Shi B.-L., Sun D.-S., Yan S.-M., Guo X.-Y. (2017): Dietary chitosan affects metabolism of arachidonic acid in weaned piglets. Czech J. Anim. Sci., 62, 58–66. The effects of chitosan on immune function via arachidonic acid (AA) pathway in weaned piglets were investigated. A total of 180 piglets (Duroc × Yorkshire × Landrace) were randomly(More)
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