Yuan-jiao Tang

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OBJECTIVE To determine the correlation between quantitative results of contrast enhanced ultrasound and clinical and laboratory index for synovium of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS Thirty five RA patients participated in this study, with ten normal adults serving as controls. They were given a score of DAS28 and underwent laboratory(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the diagnostic value of ultrasound imaging in chronic gouty arthritis. METHODS Ultrasound imaging of 32 patients with chronic gouty arthritis were compared with those of 36 patients with non-gouty joint diseases. A logistic model was obtained to establish the associations between ultrasound appereances and gouty arthritis. Receiver(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the value of high frequency color doppler ultrasonography in differentiating benign and malignant skin solid tumors. METHODS Clinical and ultrasonic data of cutaneous solid tumors confirmed by pathology in our hospital were collected. The differences in clinical and sonographic features between benign and malignant tumors were(More)
OBJECTIVE To search for the most suitable gene transfection conditions for rat muscle in vivo by therapertic ultrasound-mediated microbubble destruction (UMMD). METHODS A mixture of microbubbles and enhanced green flurescence protein (EGFP) plasmids was injected into rat tibialis anterior muscle and the muscels treated with ultrasound irradiation by(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the ultrasonic features of enthesitis between psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis vulgaris. METHODS A total of 39 patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA group), 60 with psoriasis vulgaris (non-PsA group) and 60 healthy people (control group) participated in this study. They were examined by two-dimensional and color Doppler ultrasound(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify best local ukrasound transfection conditions in rats with injured achilles tendons and granulation tissues. METHODS Rat models with bilateral injured achilles tendons were established. A mixture of microbubbles and enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) plasmids were injected into the achilles tendons. The injured tendons were(More)
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