Yuan-chao Li

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This article offers a novel sequence-based approach to discriminate outer membrane proteins (OMPs). The first step is to use a new representation approach, factor analysis scales of generalized amino acid information (FASGAI) representing hydrophobicity, alpha and turn propensities, bulky properties, compositional characteristics, local flexibility and(More)
As a new kind of computing paradigm, pervasive computing will meet the requirements of human being that anybody maybe obtain services in anywhere and at anytime, task-oriented seamless migration is one of its applications. Apparently, the function of seamless mobility is suitable for mobile services, such as mobile Web-based learning. In this article, under(More)
In order to realize proactive service, we design and improve relative fuzzy-neural approaches. Generally, the network can be classified into two. One is that fuzzy logic reasoning is completed by fuzzy weight in neural system. The other is that the input data must be fuzzified in the first or second level, but not weight. We discuss and study the second(More)
BACKGROUND One- and two-level lumbar interbody fusion with unilateral instrumentation is as effective as that with bilateral instrumentation. The height of the interbody cage influences the operated segment stability and the fusion technique success. The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of the fusion cage height (i.e. long and short) on(More)
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